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Caesarstone – Astonishing Surfaces

Since 1987 Caesarstone has been pioneering with quartz, developing thousands of designs and launching hundreds of successful new products. Reacently, Caesarstone has taken on the new raw trend of industrial  design and pushed it further with the innovative Concrete Series and with the granite inspired Supernaturals achieve the exquisite appearance of natural stone and carry forward…

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Marca Corona – 4D

The 4D collection includes fine white body glazed porcelain stoneware wall tiles with three-dimensional patterns. In both the White and Deep Blue versions, the floral and geometric decorations of 4D give shape, refinement and character to any room. Despite the aesthetic impact being rather bold, these wall tiles with their 3D patterns combine perfectly with…

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Ikona by Santa Lucia

The Ikona brand was created to capture the latest trends through a focus on design, but also through the wide range of finishes available. The new glossy and matt lacquered finishes introduce fashionable shades such as Senape, the new wood finishes broaden the range of natural effects, while new Eco colours add popular shades of…

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Diesel Open Workshop

Industrial minimalism. Diesel is exporting the style that has revolutionized the styling of the kitchen into bathroom furnishings, presenting an ambitious project where the industrial imprint embodies its strong personality. Diesel Open Workshop is everything that the name suggests: warm hues, dark colours, matt materials alongside large mirrored surfaces and metallic volumes. It is a…

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Carattere. A trendy, chic and meticulous design.

Design by Vuesse for Scavolini Carattere is an elegant, meticulous yet sophisticated model: the frame door is the model’s signature, a type of door designed to bring together classical proportions and contemporary, clean-cut shapes. And its international appeal allows Carattere to speak to a public that appreciates elemental silhouettes without wishing to sacrifice refinement, let…

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New Showroom Opening

We are pleased to share our New Showroom Opening event at which you will be able to meet our team and view our newly refurbished space and displays. The event will held on Saturday 24th of June 2017, from 2 to 6 pm.

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Sense, the new bathroom furniture collection by AQUA revolves around the concept of materials: its aesthetic inspiration blends technically advanced materials with hard-wearing textured wood finishes, like the solid sandblasted Teak wood. The Fenix NTM laminate, created with using nanotechnologies, gives the highest aesthetic and functional performance: it’s fingerprint-proof, soft to the touch, and extremely…

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Favilla, The warmth of a timeless welcome.

Favilla kitchen stylishly manages to accommodate various domestic requirements: indeed, for their kitchen, customers can pick details brimming with industrial appeal, or recall the ambiance of country homes, preferring a more international style in the clean-cut silhouettes, or warming up the setting with traditional features. The Favilla kitchen thus offers an unprecedented linearity which will…

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E.ION System, a feel good atmosphere

Falmec has developed a unique technology which, through the bipolar controlled ionisation, allows to recreate in the kitchen the air ions that not only eliminate 95% of the unpleasant odours in a natural way, but also restore the optimal ionic balance, with considerable benefits to our physical and psychological well-being. Thanks to the bipolar controlled…

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Vacuisine with Vzug

With the new vacuum drawer from V-ZUG, you can break new culinary ground. The new vacuum drawer makes it easy to vacuum-seal dishes perfectly in suitable bags, either for storage purposes or as preparation for Vacuisine/ sous vide cooking. Vacuum-packed dishes keep better and longer compared to other preservation methods. Vacuum-sealing meals or ingredients in…

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