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Rilievo by Gessi

From deep dark to warm metal, from tactile brushed to smooth glossy, a journey through the different souls of Rilievo.

The concept of the circle inscribed in the square is taken up both in plan and in profile, on all perspectives on the product. In plan the rounded body on the back of the tap is inscribed in the square of its base. Sideways the same pattern is repeated on the circular cut of the lower profile framed in the square linearity of the body of the tap; finally, the circle inscribed in the square pattern is presented in an elegantly discreet way by the round detail embossed under the square end of the handle.
The embossed round relief under the handle, besides representing an absolute aesthetic innovation, stands as both an ergonomic and sensory element of great tactile pleasantness.
The ultra-slim contour of the handle, with its progressive thinness, gives the product a slender and minimalistic look and adds to the ergonomics of its use.

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