Dear Customer

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of your project. We will endeavour to provide you a professional service and supply products according to your requirements.

In order to guarantee a perfect result of our specialized services and a range of quality products, we would like to offer you a complete and comprehensive service from design, supply to complete installation.

Design Process:

Concept One provide free design service when our range of products are specified.

In order to carry out the design process we will require the following:

  • Dimensions of the space, these can be planning drawings from the architect or your own sketches with general sizes, position of walls, pillars, doors, windows and ceiling heights. In case these are not available we can arrange a site survey to carry out this process.
  • As an example of a kitchen design, all your preferences in terms of electrical appliances such as dishwasher, ovens, fridge/ freezer etc.
  • Your preferences on style, finishes and colours.
  • All your preference of accessories and features such as seating area, TV area, etc.
  • Any other information you may consider important for us to understand your needs in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Concept One have a range of displays and samples available at the showroom together with computer resources to help you realise, compare and choose the right products. Please feel free to ask any questions to help us fulfil your requirements and imagination.

With this information, we will be able to prepare a proposal of layout and design to be reviewed and discussed further.


A set of 2D or 3D drawings will be prepared that will provide a visual of the design, space management and finishes.
This process may take several revisions before achieving the design to your satisfaction, we are happy to go through this process with you at our premises to ensure complete understanding.

Concept One will not forward or supply any drawings until order confirmation. All meetings and reviews of our designs shall be carried out at our premises. After the second revision or if any drawings are required prior to order confirmation, a deposit will be required as per cost listed below:

Kitchen – £500.00

Bathroom, Bedroom design or Living room – £300.00

Site survey prior to order confirmation – £150.00

All of the above sums are reimbursed upon order confirmation and accounted for from the final amount due.

 Quotation Process:

Once a layout has been agreed, a complete quotation of furniture, appliances, worktops and accessories will be provided. Quotation and design can be revised to match your budget.

All installation costs are dependent on approval of final design and will only be provided upon confirmation of design.

 Order Process:

Upon acceptance of a design and quotation, we will carry out a final site survey and edit the drawings accordingly. In case of a kitchen project it is necessary to decide on all appliances and related items prior to any order confirmation.

A final set of detailed drawings and a contract will be provided listing all relevant details of your project. Once the contract has been signed and payment received according to our terms and conditions, no further changes can be made to the order.
Once an order has been placed with our supplier an internal process is activated which takes approximately two weeks, before production is approved. Delivery times can vary between 8 to 10 weeks, this is dependent on the brand, model and finishes chosen.

Delivery and fitting:

During building and interior design projects, some delays may occur resulting in added cost, mainly from lack of information and planning. It is vitally important for us to discuss and establish deadlines and have clear indication of every stage of your project.

If all building / refurbishment plans are on schedule the space should be ready for installation with all flooring in place, decoration completed, electrical and plumbing supplies in place. If however the space is not ready for installation when the furniture arrives, this will be sent it to a warehouse and will incur storage charges.

Installation can take approximately 5 to 7 days depending the complexity and design of the project. Our fitters will carry out all the finishing touches to your complete satisfaction.

Worktop templating and installation will be carried out upon installation of all furniture, this can take approximately 7 to 10 days to completion.

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